Premise 2.0 Is Out!!

I am excited!  I just got word this week that Premise 2.0 by Copyblogger is out and has a number of added features beyond the ability to easily creating custom landing pages.  New features include: Ability to build membership sites with secure member logins. Ability to “drip” member content into your membership site.  This means […]

Genesis Beginner’s Guide

If you are thinking about trying the Genesis Framework for WordPress or have already bought it and are struggling with using it, the free resource guide from StudioPress should help you. The guide covers all the basics such as the advantages of Genesis Framework over other frameworks or themes you could invest your money in.  […]

Use CAPTCHA for Website Spam Protection?

If you have not read our previous article on reading smartphone text messages, then go ahead and read that first before continuing to read this article.  Researchers at Stanford University have come up with a technique that can decipher text-based CAPTCHA used by many websites. CAPTCHA was developed to tell the difference between computers and […]

Adding Post Categories to a Page in WordPress

Have you ever wanted to add one or more category content to a WordPress page?  The process is not hard and is something I started using when I was in the process of designing and creating content for our Ironclad Tech website. Basically, you start with a new page.  Do not put any text on […]

Headway WordPress Theme

The Headway theme is a user-friendly theme for WordPress websites.  It allows those that do not know PHP or HTML to setup and design their WordPress website with Headway’s visual editor.  The  Headway Personal version allows the user to install and use it on two WordPress websites that they own or develop while the Headway […]