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Playtouch Video Camera

Kodak Playtouch Video Camera Review

For all you bloggers and others who love to create online videos, this may be the camera for you. The Kodak Playtouch usually sells for a little less than $200 but can now be found for right around $100 on Wal-Mart the day I am writing this review. Because of the low price and the results I have had with testing the Kodak Playtouch, I went ahead and purchased one for myself. Video Camera Criteria Initially, I began looking for a handheld video camera that was reasonably priced that would allow … [Read More...]

Computer Startup Performance

Is Your Computer Startup Slow?

You would never guess how many times I get asked by people about this very issue.  It may simply be that programs and/or services are slowing down Windows during startup.  To determine what the problem is, there are some easy steps you can take. First, restart the computer and boot it up in Safe Mode. To start your computer in Safe Mode, press F8 when the computer is first starting and select Safe Mode from the menu options you are given.  If startup performance improves when Windows is in … [Read More...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs the iPad2 Review

Christmas is near, and the holiday season means there will most likely be good sales on computers and accessories.  Since mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular in both today's business and personal environments, they will make good gifts this season.  If you are looking for a tablet as a gift or for yourself, this review compares the Samsung Galaxy Tab with the iPad2. LCD Display The 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab has an LCD screen that supports a 1280 by 800 … [Read More...]

Use CAPTCHA for Website Spam Protection?

If you have not read our previous article on reading smartphone text messages, then go ahead and read that first before continuing to read this article.  Researchers at Stanford University have come up with a technique that can decipher text-based CAPTCHA used by many websites. CAPTCHA was developed to tell the difference between computers and human interaction.  Most people have seen or used CAPTCHA when trying to register or set up a new online account or even to leave a comment on a blog.  … [Read More...]

I Can Read That Text Message!

Do you ever worry about someone being able to view a text message or login information for an online account you are accessing via your smartphone in public?  If not, then you should.  Read the article “Illusion of Security” that I wrote where I describe how easy it was to view someone's login information or text messages when I was sitting behind them at a football game. Mobile Phone Spying Just recently researchers have developed a software program that makes the process of allowing someone … [Read More...]

Holiday Threats to Mobile Devices

McAfee just released a Christmas list of security threats and a couple of those directly relate to mobile devices.  While I will focus only on those threats, you should read the complete 12 Scams of Christmas to understand other security threats that could affect you. Mobile Device Threats There are two main security issues you should be aware of and protect yourself against with your mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) not only during the holiday rush but year round.  They … [Read More...]

Adding Post Categories to a Page in WordPress

Have you ever wanted to add one or more category content to a Wordpress page?  The process is not hard and is something I started using when I was in the process of designing and creating content for our Ironclad Tech website. Basically, you start with a new page.  Do not put any text on the page unless you need to for some reason.  I did not put any text on the pages I created as category pages.  Also, make sure the page you are creating is a blog template page (some themes have other types … [Read More...]

Headway WordPress Theme

The Headway theme is a user-friendly theme for Wordpress websites.  It allows those that do not know PHP or HTML to setup and design their Wordpress website with Headway's visual editor.  The  Headway Personal version allows the user to install and use it on two Wordpress websites that they own or develop while the Headway Developer package allows use on an unlimited number of sites that the user owns or is developing for others.  Both provide lifetime updates. If you are new to Wordpress and … [Read More...]

Ironclad on Youtube

Ironclad Tech on Facebook and Youtube

Ironclad Tech Services is now on Facebook.  Follow us on Tech.  Don't forget to click the Like button on the top of the page when you get there. Ironclad Tech also has our own YouTube channel at  Come on over and see the helpful information and screencasts we have for you.  Don't forget to subscribe to our channel when you get there. You can reach us at Facebook and YouTube using the links in this post or by clicking the YouTube and Facebook … [Read More...]

Android Tablet or Smartphone

Save Battery Life on Your Android Device

Android has become a very popular mobile operating system and is used in both smartphones and tablets.  One issue that is a problem for any mobile device, however, is battery life.  Many users have a variety of apps or processes running in the background that they are not even aware of.  Depending on what apps your are running and how you use your Android device, battery life on the device can be quite short.  Here are four apps that can directly or indirectly help with this situation. Android … [Read More...]