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Linux Mint 11

I have been a big Linux user since about 2004, and have used all the major distributions of Linux including Ubuntu, CentOS, SuSe, and Fedora.  For the past few years, I have used Fedora almost exclusively.  On occasion, I still try a new distribution of Linux when I see something interesting but have not for sometime. Recently, I came across the Linux Mint distribution.  Out of curiosity, I downloaded and looked at the Linux Mint 11, 32 bit DVD version.  This version is based on Ubuntu and … [Read More...]

Securing Windows XP

Even though Windows XP is considered an old Windows operating system, a lot of people are still using it.  If you are still using Windows XP,  here are a few security measures that I would recommend  to make your computer more secure. Seven Steps to Securing Windows XP Enable Automatic Updates – Keeping Windows XP updated with the latest patches is important in protecting your desktop and the information on it. Yes, some updates have had bugs and caused issues with Windows when first … [Read More...]

Don’t Be an Administrator

When most people first turn on a new computer and go through the process of setting it up, they don't realize the dangers of making their administrator account their default user account.  By simply not giving yourself administrative rights on the account you use everyday, the security on your computer would be greatly improved.  The chances of getting a malware infection can be greatly reduced simply  by not using the computer as an administrator.  It has been estimated that as high as ninety … [Read More...]

Protecting Your Laptop

Do you ever worry about losing your laptop when you are traveling or enjoying a nice day outdoors somewhere?  Studies have shown that over a period of a year, more than 86,000 laptops were stolen or reported missing.  This is a pretty big number.  While this may never happen to you, the risk of losing a laptop involves more than just replacing the computer.  The loss of website bookmarks, emails, pictures, or business information may be of more value than the hardware cost of the computer.  For … [Read More...]

Malware Response

Responding to a Malware Infection!

Malware (bad software) infections are one of the biggest threats that computer users have to deal with today.  Most people do not respond properly to a suspected virus or malware infection, and their response often leads to more downtime and more headaches.  Here are some steps you should follow in responding to a possible malware infection: 5 Steps to Follow Isolate the Computer – This is probably the most important step.  Any computer that you think may be infected needs to be isolated … [Read More...]

5 PC Security Tips

With life as busy as it is today, sometimes we just can't fit it all in.  This includes making sure our PC is secure when we first set it up and that it continues to stay secure as we use it.  Honestly, do most people spend any time improving the security of their PC?  Most don't worry about it too much until something bad happens.  In order to prevent the time and cost of repairing your computer, here are some quick and easy steps to improving the security of your PC? 5 Computer Security … [Read More...]

Sonicwall SRA 1200 – Is It Right For You?

The Sonicwall SRA (Secure Remote Access) 1200 is solidly built.  The unit is not one of those lightweight plastic-clad units that will break the first time it is treated harshly.  The SRA 1200 that was tested and reviewed came equipped with 2 network interfaces, 2 USB ports, and one console port. It was easy to setup and connect to the management using a web browser.  The unit supports Windows, Mac, or Linux, and web browsers that are supported on these operating systems.  I used a Linux OS … [Read More...]

Studiopress – Genesis Framework

Back in the spring of this year, I purchased the Genesis framework along with the Prose child theme because I was looking for a premium theme that I could customize for a couple of my own websites.  Two of these websites were new ones and one was an existing website.  I figured if it went well for the new sites, then I would look at changing my existing site over to Genesis and one of the child themes. After purchasing Genesis and the Prose child theme from Studiopress, a number things … [Read More...]

Open for Business

Ironclad Tech Services Open for Business

Ironclad Tech Services opened for business in August of this year, and our website is finally no longer under construction. Ironclad Tech Services provides a variety of on-site tech services as well as WordPress website design and social media services.  Please take a look at our full list of services to see how we can assist you with all your tech needs. An overview of our on-site services includes assistance with: Wired and wireless networks High-speed internet setup (cable and … [Read More...]