Adding Post Categories to a Page in WordPress

Have you ever wanted to add one or more category content to a WordPress page?  The process is not hard and is something I started using when I was in the process of designing and creating content for our Ironclad Tech website.

Basically, you start with a new page.  Do not put any text on the page unless you need to for some reason.  I did not put any text on the pages I created as category pages.  Also, make sure the page you are creating is a blog template page (some themes have other types of page templates built into them).  Then, scroll down the page until you reach the Custom Fields section and type in “query_args”.  Tab over to the second box and put in “cat=”; then, insert the category or categories after the equal sign.  You can watch our YouTube video for greater detail of the process:

This process can also be used with tags as well as categories.  On our site we created custom menus and used categories for some of the drop-down menu items.  So basically, the menu item is a page with categories as the sub-menu items.  This way, if the menu item is clicked on, the page will pull in one or more category content depending on how it is set up, and if one of the sub-menu items is clicked on,  just that category’s content is shown to the web user.

Remember, if you use custom menus to set this up, you will need to have a WordPress theme that supports custom menus, or you will need to add code to make the theme support custom menus.

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