Premise 2.0 Is Out!!

I am excited!  I just got word this week that Premise 2.0 by Copyblogger is out and has a number of added features beyond the ability to easily creating custom landing pages.  New features include:

  • Ability to build membership sites with secure member logins.
  • Ability to “drip” member content into your membership site.  This means that you can give access to your site’s paid content over time so that new members do not experience information overload when they first sign up for your membership site.
  • Ability to take recurring payments for your membership site. This means you can charge a one time fee or a recurring charge for access to the membership site.  The other nice feature is that you can also give free access to the membership site and charge nothing but still provide a secure member access to the site.
  • Payments can be set up using, Paypal, or both.
  • Ability to set up e-commerce sites where you can sell digital products such as e-books, apps, and other digital downloads.
  • Ability to set up a private forum where members can interact with each other or interact with instructors, etc.
  • Password-protected content can be added which requires potential clients to register to gain access to the protected content.  This is a great way to move from prospects to potential customers.

Now, for even greater news, until Copyblogger updates their website to reflect all the new changes in Premise 2.0, you can save $70 and buy it for only $95.  Once the website is updated with Premise 2.0,  the price will go up to $165!

If you want to build quality landing pages as well as have the ability to develop a membership site or sell digital products through your WordPress website, hurry and use the link below to get your copy of Premise 2.0.

UPDATE:  Sale Price of $95 ends tomorrow March 8, 2012 at 5pm Pacific.  For us east cost people that is 8pm EST.  After tomorrow the price will increase to $165, so get it now and save, I did.

Premise 2.0: The Complete Digital Sales and Lead Generation Engine for WordPress

Please note–this is an affiliate link for which we get a commission if Premise 2.0 is purchased using this link.  Thank you for supporting Ironclad Tech Services.


  1. I just bought a copy of Premise 2.0 and is getting my head around it. I’m thrilled to use it on the WordPress membership sites that I plan to build. By the way, are you using Premium WordPress theme for your website or you’ve custom designed it? Thanks.

    • For the Ironclad Tech site here we used Genesis and customized one of the child themes. Premise is actually a plug-in that runs on the Genesis framework. I do have it installed on one my sites and is in the process of testing it not only for landing pages but also for the use as a membership site. Have you used Premise yet on any of your sites. It does require the Genesis Framework to work but it is a great Framework in my opinion.

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