Four Important Reasons to Consider Cloud-based Server Monitoring

IT departments seem to be under constant pressure to deliver more with less, which can be difficult when you are trying to get complex networks to run smoothly.

However, cloud-based server monitoring shines a ray of light on this dark scenario, helping IT departments, and their organizations, save time and meet an organization’s demands on their abilities.

In fact, cloud-based server monitoring offers considerable benefits to overworked IT departments. Let’s look at four of the most important ones:

1. Up and running fast

Good network server monitoring solutions offer a core set of pre-configured checks for Windows® servers and workstations, allowing them to be up and running fast.  However, cloud-based monitoring has the advantage; with no hardware to source, or other infrastructural needs, it becomes very fast to deploy. The agent can be quickly and simply installed on the servers and workstations you wish to keep an eye on, allowing you to have your network monitored in just minutes.  That frees up a great deal of your time for other tasks.

2. Save money as well as time

Because cloud-based server monitoring solutions are purchased through subscription-based models, your IT department can keep costs low and predictable. In addition, as there is no hardware or software to buy, capital expenditure costs actually turn into operational expenditure. Most importantly, you won’t need to eat up your IT budget allocation, or suffer protracted projects, changing your infrastructure to accommodate this solution.

3. Sturdy Reliability

A cloud-based server monitoring solution means that you are not reliant on your own systems to gain clear insight in to the performance of your network. In addition, having all of your asset information located server-side is a great help when it comes to disaster recovery and business continuity issues.

Also, by using cloud-based server monitoring solutions, you can continue to receive email alerts when checks find potential problems even if you internal email server is down. How? They can be viewed by external email accounts that are not dependent on your system.

4. Increased flexibility

Network server monitoring solutions will alert you to anomalies that need your attention, allowing you to respond quickly to potential problems.  However, cloud-based server monitoring solutions have the additional advantage of allowing you to log in from wherever you are and view a real-time picture of your network. This gives you the flexibility to work on other projects, while retaining the ability to have clear insight into the health of your network, without being tied to your desk.

Another advantage is that you can also monitor the health of remote workstations without them having to be connected to your corporate network. The agent software can communicate directly with the cloud, meaning you always have insight into their status.

When under pressure to do more with less, smart IT administrators would do well to look at the benefits that a cloud-based server monitoring solution can bring. Not only will you make your IT department run better, but you’ll save time and money doing it.

This guest post on cloud-based server monitoring was written by Jeff Smith on behalf of GFI Software Ltd.

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