5 PC Security Tips

With life as busy as it is today, sometimes we just can’t fit it all in.  This includes making sure our PC is secure when we first set it up and that it continues to stay secure as we use it.  Honestly, do most people spend any time improving the security of their PC?  Most don’t worry about it too much until something bad happens.  In order to prevent the time and cost of repairing your computer, here are some quick and easy steps to improving the security of your PC?

5 Computer Security Tips

  1. Firewalls – Since most Windows operating systems have built-in software firewall, use it.    There are also many free software firewalls out there that you might like better than the Windows default one so feel free to research them and use the one you like the best.
  2. Anti-virus software – There are a number of good, free anti-virus programs available.  Download, install, and use one of them. Some of the ones I like and have used are Avast, Avira and AVG.
  3. Passwords –  How many times have you been told this in your life time?  Hundreds of times, probably, but we tend to pick one we can remember easily.  Unfortunately, these can also be cracked easily.  Always change any default password that comes with a computer device.  At minimum, the password should be eight characters long and should contain more than just letters.  Also, if you have had the same password for a long period of time, it might be time to change it!
  4. Encryption – If you are using e-mail for sensitive information, then use encryption.  I use the Thunderbird e-mail client that has an extension you can install that helps with encryption.  The extension is Enigmail .
  5. Updated browser  –  No matter what browser you use, keep it up to date.  This will help reduce the variety of web-based attacks that affect your browser.  Most newer versions of browsers  allow you to update it manually or automatically from the browser interface.

These five steps will get you started in the right direction of securing your PC.  If you need help with security issues or in updating your computer, you can contact us here at Ironclad Tech Services.  We will be more than happy to help you.

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